• Weekly Dose of Crazy – Week 8

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    It has been a long week!

    Here are a few things that happened this week:

    We had a ton of people over on Tuesday.

    We’ve been having young adults over at our house on Tuesdays occasionally.  It is always a really great time!  We borrowed a fire pit because it was actually cold! (Texas weather is so fickle!)  The fire pit was put on our WOODEN deck, which made me really nervous, but I was assured that it was safer than the grass… still not sure about that!  I love getting together with these folks.  It’s like a big extended family.

    I got a massage.

    A friend of mine is a talented massage therapist, who gifted me with an 1 hour gift certificate for my birthday.  She actually gave me a gift certificate for my shower when I was pregnant, but I never went to see her.  I’m not too hot on people touching me… haha.  But I’m glad I got the opportunity to get a massage from her on Friday.  Sooo relaxing!

    I spent a lot of this week getting ready for a Ladies Gift Exchange at church.

    I will write more about the event next week, because the exchange is actually tonight.  I was asked to host a table again this year, which means I get to decorate it!  (You can read more about this in last years post.)  I tend to go a little crazy with these things… I painted chargers with chalkboard paint, painted glass vases with mirror paint to make faux mercury glass vases, made paper mache deer antlers, and other crazy stuff.  Yeah, I’m crazy.

    My husband was on vacation.

    Billy had a whole week off of work.  Because he is on staff at a church, we are “banned” from coming on Sunday. Haha… it’s just a rule they put into place so that when a staff member is on vacation, they don’t get sucked into working on their Sunday off.  We did a lot of hanging around the house most of the week.  Saturday we went to the Houston Zoo and took the kids to eat at Rainforest Cafe.  We stayed at a hotel for the night (the kids did surprisingly well) and the next morning we got to visit a wonderful little church in Houston.

    The Ugly Truth

    I didn’t even want to go anywhere this weekend!  I know that sounds terrible… that I wanted to deny my husband his vacation, but I just had so much stuff to get done for the gift exchange.  I was also sort of in charge of making sure the stage design was put together and preparing a talk on Advent Calendars.  I was feeling a little unprepared already and taking two days away from my “responsibilities” seemed like such an inconvenience.  I really am glad that we did get away, though.  I know Billy really needed it, the kids had so much fun, and everything that needed to get done, did in fact, get done.  It’s a struggle for me, but I really need to focus on living in the moment more.  I have to remind myself that I’m not promised a tomorrow so I should focus more on today!

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    I'm Tasha, wife of a worship leader, mama to 3 kiddos, a freelance graphic designer, currently residing in East Texas.

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