1. Tony

    Hi. Great color and graining on the shelves. Wondering about the mix. Did you actually mix the two stains together, fifty-fifty? Or, did you apply a coat of one, and then–after that dried–a coat of the other?

    Also, do those brackets themselves (whether into a stud or not) feel like their holding up? Are they 6″ in depth? And (finally) did you consider a longer wall surface side–maybe to hold two bolts, or does this feel like it’s pretty strong.


    • Tasha

      Hi Tony!
      I actually mixed the stains together to get the color I wanted. I’m not sure if it was 50/50, but you should be able to play with it and get what you want.

      The brackets are holding up. I wouldn’t put books on them or anything really heavy though. We used toggle bolts and they seem to be working for our purposes. The bracket is 5″ by about 2″ but I did originally want the wall side to be longer. I just couldn’t find something like that in my store and was too impatient to try to order some.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Paul

    Hello Tasha, great idea for these shelves. I do a lot of woodworking and was looking for something different, yet simple to display some items and I love the look of these.
    As a side note, the hardware, ussually being either galvanized or zinc, ussually doesnot hold the paint very well. Especially if you put a socket or wrench on it even if you do prime it.

  3. Anita

    Where did you find those neat little brackets? I’ve hunted all over and all I can find are plain brackets that aren’t anywhere near big enough or cute enough.

    • Anita

      Oh, well shoot. I just read your previous comments and see that you bought them at Lowe’s. I looked there and could only find the other ones (I wish I could show you a picture so you’d know what I mean.) Which department did you find them in?

  4. They are called “L” brackets and you should be able to find them by asking where they are located. I’ve used them for other projects. They come in a variety of different sizes.

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