1. francis cunningham

    Pawpaw said you are very smart and talented young lady and we are very proud of you and your work.. Now what is the next project?

  2. Tasha, I have never realized it before I read it in your blog post, but I have the same challenge with reading the bible. Thank you for your creativity and everything else. You’re awesome!

  3. [...] The dresser wasn’t the right height or length, but that’s nothing a little work couldn’t fix!  We chopped off one side at the point where the middle drawers and left drawers met. My grandpa used a combination of a circular saw and a Sawzall. Read More…. [...]

  4. tammy

    If you still have that hole above your sink, get a tension rod, S hooks, and make a super cheap pot rack. I love mine.. I created a mini one just on the inside of my ovens hood, and hang cooking utensils.

  5. […] Okay, Tasha, over at The Good the Bad and the Truth, gets the five star award for taking a dresser that was completely a waste of space (this dresser was ugggllllly) and turning it into an incredibly useful and great looking island.  That she could see past it’s ugliness is a miracle in itself.  The transformation is incredible!!! Check out the before and after photos plus the process she used to transform this dresser…. thegoodthebadandthetruth.com […]

  6. Rene

    I love the look of this and we are redoing a dresser this weekend. How do you clean the wood surface with the minwax poly? Since it is a kitchen surface, what do you use to truly clean it with, without destroying the wood finish?

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