Hi! I’m Tasha.

I’m a stay at home mom that used to get tattoos and tour the country playing bass in a rock band.  Most of the music gear is sold but I still have the tattoos.  These days you’ll find me spending time with my family, working as a freelance graphic designer, or writing my debut novel.  I’ve been told my personality is a little intense and that I’m quite the oxymoron.  I’m a perfectionist that can’t keep a clean desk (or house) to save her life.  I’m hard to get to know and seem like a mystery to almost everyone.

My husband is my high school sweetheart and a worship pastor.  We have 3 young children, a 9 year old daughter, and two 5 year old sons (one of which we brought home through international adoption).  We currently reside in Austin while my husband is a resident at The Austin Stone, but feel at home pretty much anywhere.  We’ve already lived an adventurous life and I doubt it will slow down anytime soon.

This blog is a place where I share parts of my story as I attempt an authentic life of faith, love, creativity, and thankfulness.

If you’d like to know more about my vision for this blog, you can read about it in my first blog post, The Ugly Truth.